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PaceBuilders™ is a complete 1:1 coaching program that takes your unique fitness ability along with your personal goals and makes them a reality.

PaceBuilders™ is a highly personalized 1:1 coaching program that takes your unique situation and builds a comprehensive fitness and training program built around getting you the results you want. We get results because we tailor our programs to you instead of giving you canned, generic training plans. We know time is your most valuable asset and we want to make sure you get the most effective use of your time.

Inside PaceBuilders™, we go beyond generic plans or general running tips and look at other factors that maximize your results above and beyond a training calendar. Things like nutrition, fueling, injury prevention, stress, work/life balance, mindset and so much more.

We build PaceBuilders™ around you

We work with adults of any age, experience or fitness level who want to use running to transform their health and fitness lifestyle. Inside PaceBuilders™ we don't just 'teach you how to run', or give you a training plan. Instead, we build a complete running and cross training program build around your lifestyle, your time schedule, your goals and what YOU want to get out of running.

Some runners join PaceBuilders™ to train for their first 5k, half marathon or marathon. Others work on improving their existing ability to run faster, farther, or as part of an overall weight loss program. Some runners join PaceBuilders™ to be held accountable and find someone who will help them just get their butt out the door. Since YOU are who we focus on, YOU pick your goals and we customize to you.

How does PaceBuilders™ work?

After signing up for PaceBuilders™, we work together to take a complete history of your running and fitness background. We then create measurable, attainable goals, and determine the best path forward. We then develop a detailed training program, with specific workout instructions to best help you meet those goals. As you go through your training, we work with you to refine and dial in on what is working best so over time, your training becomes even more efficient. Everything a generic training plan can't do.

PaceBuilders™ evolves as you do.

Unlike, generic training plans, PaceBuilders™ continually adapts to you. You will have the flexibility to run any race, change your goals throughout the year, and have your training adjust as your life does. You may have experienced a time in your life when you became sick or injured, or had a life event like having a baby or job change. With PaceBuilders™,your program changes as your life does, so you are always maximizing your success.

PaceBuilders™ gets rid of boring training calendars and spreadsheets.

Once your plan has been created, you will have access to detailed workout instructions and web based training calendars that include features like workout tracking and logging. All of which can be access through the included web and mobile app. Track your workouts, or upload/sync your GPS data between Garmin Connect or Strava.

We will review your workouts each week and give feedback within the built-in messaging system.

PaceBuilders™ video library

Inside PaceBuilders™ you have access to hours of training videos consisting of cross training exercises that you can use to strengthen your legs and core, as well as videos to improve speed, reduce chance of injury, increase flexibility, mobility, and balance. There are also videos on fueling for your runs so you have energy late in a race. You can learn about nutrition for running such as: what to eat and when to eat it for best results, and how to hydrate properly. You can also watch videos on mental training, fitness mindset, race strategies and weight loss.

We Invest In You. Will You?

We are only as successful as the runners we coach. We promise to work hard to do everything in our power to make you the best runner you can be. In 2016, 90% of our runners achieved a personal best / PR at some point during their training. Over 85% of our members have remained with us over a year and counting.

We would love to work with you. And you can do so for less than the average monthly utility bill. Are you ready to invest in yourself? If so, sign up today.

We also offer Custom Training Plans if you rather bypass coaching but still want a custom plan customized to your needs.

Your Coaches:

Steve Carmichael

Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified running coach and running club director. He is the founder of RunBuzz.com and host of the RunBuzz podcast which can be found in iTunes. Steve is also the founder and creator of PaceBuilders, a complete training program and interactive training system for adult runners who want to become better runners, crush running goals, and take their running to another level. Steve has coached hundreds locally and hundreds more online.

Stephanie Fichtelman

Stephanie is a PaceBuilders running coach and experienced runner who has been running for over 10 years and has run hundreds of races from 5k to the marathon and everything in between. She is a highly energetic coach who takes your success very seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access PaceBuilders?
Once you create a PaceBuilders account and enroll in PaceBuilders (e.g pay your fees), you will have immediate access to the membership area and all training videos. To get your custom training plan, you will need to complete a detailed online running profile and sign the training waiver. Full instructions can be found in the members area after signing up. Once I receive your profile information, I will create your customized training program and post it in your private training account where you can access it 24x7 by web or through the mobile app. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. depending on the information submitted and if there are any follow up questions or information needed to complete your plan.
How long do I have access to PaceBuilders?
After enrolling in PaceBuilders, you have unlimited access for as long as your membership is active. Annual Plan Members: If you enroll in an annual plan you will have access to PaceBuilders for 365 days.. At the end of the term we will contact you to see if you want to continue. If so, you will need to purchase another year, or switch to another payment option for continued coaching and access. If you are a monthly subscription member, you have access to PaceBuilders as long as you are a paying member.
What if I am unhappy with PaceBuilders?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us for resolution so we can either fix it, or help you cancel your membership. You have total control over your billing and can cancel at any time from within the members area. Annual members can cancel any time, and will receive a prorated refund based on any unused months. Partial months are not refunded.

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