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Finally Break Through Your Running Barriers

Hi, Steve here. Welcome to PaceBuilders!

Humor me for just one second and honestly answer the following questions:

  • Do you struggle with consistency?
  • Do you struggle to remain injury free?
  • Have you ever been disappointed with a race, or fail to achieve a running goal?
  • Would you like to run faster or longer?
  • Would you like to achieve a new running goal like running a 5k, half marathon, marathon, or even a personal best?

If so, there is more to crushing your running goals than logging miles. As busy adults, we need to train smart so we can maximize the precious time we get to run. With PaceBuilders™ I work directly with you to help you run with more consistency, more energy, more motivation and with more focus. By combining the right level of training, with a healthy fitness mindset, proper nutrition, and built around you life activities you can meet your fitness goals.

Steve Carmichael - Founder of the PaceBuilders™ Training System, RRCA/USATF Certified Running Coach, Fitness Mindset Coach, Running Club Director, and host of the RunBuzz podcast and online running community.

What is PaceBuilders™?

PaceBuilders™ is a proven, field tested, dynamic training and coaching program that was first developed locally with my personal clients and later expanded online to runners around the world.

PaceBuilders™ changes as you do. With PaceBuilders, you are no longer limited to generic training plans that aren't built around you, your abilities, your life situation, or your goals.

Generic plans are normalized across a wide spectrum of runners and only focus on putting in miles. They don't account for your personal life situation, your unique capabilities, your personal goals, your strength and flexibility needs, your unique nutrition needs, proper workout intensity, efefctive race strategies and a whole lot of other things. Generic plans lead to mediocre results, training plateaus, and ultimately frustration. PaceBuilders™ is a holistic approach to training and encompasses all of this plus more.

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