When You Take The Guesswork Out Of Running.

You Get Amazing Results!

Imagine how great it will feel to accomplish your running goals whether training for your first 5k, or whether you are an experienced runner training for 5k's, half or full marathons. Watch the video for a complete overview.

Steve Carmichael

RRCA & USA Track and Field

Certified Running Coach

Creator Of PaceBuilders

PaceBuilders is more than a training plan.

PaceBuilders is a complete training system that takes your personal and specific running goals into consideration and makes them a reality.

I will not only get you to the finish line but I will help you become a stronger, faster, and better runner.

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Pacebuilders' unique approach takes your individual goals, factors in your busy lifestyle and combines them to create a highly adaptable, individualized training program custom built for you. No two runners are alike, therefore no two running plans should be either. I work with you to create an easy to follow training program that is based on your current abilities and future goals.

In other words, I help you become the runner that you always wanted to be.
When you work with me, your training program is dynamic and changes as you progress! 

​Each month we work together to dial in your training more, based on your results. No more generic training plans, no more mediocre results.

Beyond, just training plans, my online training clinics cover the latest running topics so you can increase your running knowledge and education which in turn will make you a better runner. Successful running is more than just the time on your feet or how many miles you run. 



Find out what the Training Plans and Training Clinics are all about below.


Your training plans no longer have to be generic.

My program is customized to your unique situation and is created to match your goals. This way you have the most optimized plan possible and one that best matches your lifestyle and ability.


Choice of customized 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon distances (up to 50 miles). Any race, Any distance and any experience level.

Unlimited modifications as needed due to injury, sickness, progress, vacations, to run other races, change of goals, etc.

Plans are based on your experience level and your ability to train based on your busy lifestyle .  (beginner, experienced, etc)

Daily workouts include step by step detailed instructions. (purpose, duration, effort, warm-up, cool-down, etc)

A choice of long run days. (distance plans)

Free Final Surge online training log account.

Training plans are loaded onto your online training calendar and accessible from anywhere via Final Surge mobile app or website. Access, view and track your training while on-the-go. (See videos below for a quick demo)

Ability to sync your Garmin and upload data from many different GPS watches into your online training account.


Using Final Surge software you can view your interactive training plan and import your workout data from your Garmin GPS watch using Garmin Connect.

Don’t have a Garmin? No worries. You can manually add your data using Final Surge’s mobile application for your smartphone or upload your devices .tcx or .fit files.

You’ll also be able to track other activities (cycling, swimming, weight training, etc.), track your weight/height/heart rate, add heart rate data, add route information, use the intensity and training calculators, track equipment (miles on shoes), and more!






Reaching your potential is more than just putting miles in. Learn about preventing injuries, fueling and hydration, pacing strategies, cross training and more.

Train smarter and more efficiently by learning what training techniques works for you.

I teach you what you need to know so you can maximize your capabilities and enjoy the sport.

Attend LIVE online training clinics held twice a month that cover popular training topics and topics of interest.

Can't attend live?

No worries. Each session will be available for replay in your membership area.

Some Training Clinic Examples:

How to get started running the right way.

Workout variations and pacing strategies.

What you need to know running gear and equipment.

Running Tech: How to get the most out of your GPS running watch.

The Beginner 5k runner: What you need to do to run your first 5k

Hydration strategies for runners: The delicate balance between dehydration and the porta potty line.

Fueling strategies to maintain optimal energy levels during long runs and races.

How to integrate cross training into your training programs.

Can running make you fat? How to lose weight while running and not sacrifice energy.

Avoiding the doctors office: How to prevent running injuries and more.


Open Office Hours

Via Audio/Video Conferencing

Open office hours style session each month for drop in coaching assistance.

This session is offered in addition to my live clinics.


Also INCLUDED with your PaceBuilders Membership

I want you to be successful. That is why I offer unlimited email support.

If I can't answer your question by email, I'll jump on a quick phone call and work with you until you are beyond satisfied.


Yes!  Really...All of this is included in your PaceBuilders Membership.

I want you to succeed so I have designed the system and included the tools to make sure you are on the right track for success.





Subscription Plan

Join PaceBuilders and get full member access including unlimited training plan revisions and access to all member training. Cancel anytime.

$59 / Monthly


Subscription Plan

Join PaceBuilders and get full member access including unlimited training plan revisions and access to all member training. Cancel anytime.

Join the annual plan and get 2 free hours of additional 1:1 coaching time included ($199 value)

$599 / Per Year

Save $109


Is this one on one personal coaching?

Yes and No. The unique thing about PaceBuilders™ is the way the program is put together. PaceBuilders™ is a hybrid coaching approach that takes the best things from group coaching and personal one on one coaching and combines them into a single delivery system that makes it affordable, yet highly customized to you. We use an online group coaching model when we deliver shared information that applies to everyone and use a more personal, one on one coaching delivery model when it comes to developing your training program. In other words, your program may be different from others in the program based on your experience, training goals, ability to train(days per week, busy lifestyle, etc), and fitness background. When going through the PaceBuilders™ program, if you need personalized help, beyond what we provide, just ask! We will jump on a quick a call or communicate via email and make it happen.

How often can I contact you with questions?

We offer unlimited email support and we will always answer any questions that you may have along the way. In some cases, we will even jump on the phone with you if that is what it takes to get your questions answered.

I still have questions. How do I reach you?

The best way to reach me is by email. Please use this contact form to submit your questions and I will get back with you promptly.

How long does the program last and how does it work?

PaceBuilders is a monthly recurring membership (unless you chose the annual payment option). Technically it can last indefinitely as long as you are a member. This allows you to adjust training based on what races or goals you have from year to year or as phases of life allow. We have seen amazing results from those that can commit as little as 90 days up to 2 years and beyond. One to two months will yield smaller results, if any as it can take several weeks to start seeing progress.

You can cancel PaceBuilders at anytime. If you choose to cancel, PaceBuilders™ will stop at the end of the billing cycle and no further charges will be charged. All access to information and training plans will removed. If you pay annually, you will not be automatically renewed so we will send a reminder notice in advance so you have time to decide to re-enroll or discontinue.

What are your guarantees?

The biggest reason that people fail to get better, faster, stronger is that they simply fail to do the workouts. Running is very much a sport where you have to show up consistently and put in the work. Success in this program is simply from following it. But rather than guessing or constantly trying things to see if various strategies work, we guide you in such a way that you maximize the time and effort you put in. You also have to pay attention to what your body is telling you (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how) so you can make good training or race decisions on the fly.

Consistency is key and you must be committed to the program or this program like any other will fail. If you consistently do over 75% of all workouts (and log them in our workout tracker software) and you still fail to improve, we will fully refund your money (up to 3 months).

What is reasonable progress for you will be based on our initial conversations. During this time we will discuss your running goals and whether they are reasonable or not. For example, not everyone will qualify for Boston. A lot of your success depends on what is reasonable for your age, physical fitness level, experience, current pace, genetics and level of training. Everyone can improve, but you have to have and set reasonable goals.

But rest assured, we will are 100% committed to your success and if you are not happy with any part of the program, we will fix it or give you your money back.